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Lady of The House shares the fictional tale of Lady, a 1940s riveter turned housewife trapped by a loveless marriage and societal framework that makes it difficult for her to abandon her current circumstances. She feels purposeless, hopeless, and she is angry. Resentful. And she festers…This dark and haunted poetry collection is sure to please readers of the macabre.”

LADY OF THE HOUSE can be purchased through all major book platforms to include Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Signed copies can be purchased directly through Curious Corvid Publishing.

LADY OF THE HOUSE has been nominated for the poetry category for The Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

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Lady Of The House was featured as a Ladies of Horror Fiction 2021 Readers’ Choice. To read the entire list, please click here.

Praise for Lady Of The House

When does domestic bliss turn deadly? Grace R. Reynolds’ “Lady of the House” is a dark poetry collection that answers this question as it spins its web like a favorite crime podcast.

Stephanie Kemler, Author of the paranormal thriller novel, BLOODBORN, and the Bloodmad Series

A dark tale which chills and shudders the spine… Grace R. Reynolds’ Lady of the House augments the capacity of the human mind to observe or neglect its own deterioration and the ability of the mind to comprehend its own destruction.

David Grinnell, Author of the gothic novel, ASHES

A superb collection from a talented poet, Reynolds is one to watch.


This is a collection I will revisit many times, a unique work that both beguiles and shocks and comes highly recommended.

Denver Grenell, Author of THE BURNING BOY & Other Short Stories

This work will make you pause, gasp, and close the back cover and make you go, bloody brilliant!

Adanna Moriarty, Author of the THREADBARE poetry collection.

This poetry collection is a fascinating, sinister exploration into the thinking of the time through the lens of one woman’s stifled freedom, one woman’s crumbling restraint, and ultimately, one woman’s destruction of the cage that keeps her from becoming the woman she knows she is.

Vivian Rainn, author of the gothic romance novel, SOLITA, and the Solita Series.